Greetings To All,

                        We at troop 40 have had an awesome summer. Our early summer started with a memorable trip to Sierra Vista, Arizona. I don't think any of us will forget all to soon the dust and wind storms that forced us to stay in a hotel for a night. Not al bad we all got a much needed shower and some laundry. A GREAT trip to put into my memory of many.

        Niagara County Fair, was our best fair to date. Very, very successful. Plenty of much needed help Monday evening, making it easier for Jim, Millie, and my self on Tuesday & Wednesday special thanks to Jeff Bishop, with the absence of Mr Brouncheidel, Jeff  was badly needed.

Thank You Jeff !!  The turn out of help was a welcoming site. There will be some changes with next years fair. I am not going to let boys work any more than 6 hour shifts. It gets to be too much on them, they are too young.

        LAW 2006, is now in the History books. I think all will agree it was a huge success. Much fun was had. As well as budding friendships that could last a life time. The Internet is making our world smaller. We had so much fun at camp Massaweppie, campers and trekies. It is one of the busiest camps I have ever attended. By far the best Polar Bear, fun, fun, fun!!! Some numbers: 32 boys & 4 adult Polar Bears, 14 total Trekies, 35 youth with a total of 77 merit badges. A total of 39 people representing Troop 40. And 16 from 1st Athersone & Woodend. Awesome numbers, I am very proud to be part of troop 40. When we returned home we an the unfortunate duty to pay our respects to a losted, past member of troop 40. Patrick Wendel Schrader II. Monday we had a wonderful day in Lockport, ending with the cruse nite. Tuesday was an off day enjoyed especially by Malcolm and myself. Wednesday a full day at Niagara Falls. I will not forget the Cave Of The Winds Tour. I owe a few for this memory.(I forgive but don't

forget!) HaHa. Thursday was a very nice day and evening at my house. And our good by trip to Toronto. I received a call about 6:oopm Saturday from Malcolm saying all went well on there trip home. And to pass a special thanks to all of the families that made this trip a huge success. I assured him we are looking forward to 2009. Planning will start late next year.

        A day after the English left the leadership of troop 40 started to plan our Alaska Trip. We are laying the ground work and setting a itineraries. We are working hard trying to get figures so we can set a price and get it out to you the parents. There will be several fund raisers this fall, winter, and spring. We will be needing the help of ALL interested in going to Alaska! Starting with the Jamboree @ Yaisers, Pepperoni sale @ Hamburg Fair Grounds (more to follow), Christmas Show @ The Palace, Just remember every dollar we can raise can help offset the funds required from the scouts and family.

        I will be having a Green Bar Meeting. I know you are saying what the heck is a green bar meeting. Well the green bar is a way of saying youth leadership, if your son is a patrol or assistant patrol leader look at the patch HE sewed on His uniform. Hence the green bars. This meeting will be to plan the rest of the coming year. They set the camping trips, and activities.

        Hopefully Maryanne will be doing the news letter again. we will communicate all of the activities planed at the meeting with you thru the news letter and here on the web site calendar.

        In closing it is too numerous to thank every body that helped in any little or big way. All ways are huge to me , THANK YOU for all of the help. It is YOU and the BOYS of Troop 40 that make it the GREAT troop it is. THANK YOU 


                                                      YOURS IN SCOUTING,


                                                              Tom Parks, Scoutmaster